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If it turns out that the purchased merchandise is not suitable for any reason, then you have the right to ask for a refund or replacement within 14 calendar days.

For that you need to:

Send an e-mail to info@newsfashion.ee with the product name (the product code, if possible) and the reason for return.

  1. If you wish to replace the product with a different size, mark the size in the e-mail.
    Replacing the product with the same one is free of charge in homeland Estonia.
  2. Place the package in a Smartpost parcel machine with the code you received upon product arrival. The code is valid for 14 calendar days from the day you received the SMS that included information about product arrival. If you wish to return the product using Omniva, mark the package to Pirita Selver’s machine and with the phone number 5128900.


NB! The returned product needs to be clean, unused, correctly packed and has to have the original labels intact. Used, stained or ruined goods are not applicable for refund or replacement!


The refund payment will be completed within 5 work days upon receiving the returned product. The full sum will be refunded.


If you decide to replace the product with another size, then it will be posted within 5 work days. In this case, no postage is necessary.


NB! If you fail to pick up the package at a parcel machine or a post office within the designated timeframe provided by the company, and the merchandise is returned to the sender, New Fashion OÜ,  then you are obliged to cover the product return costs.